My Print Design

From flyers to posters and infographics, my assortment of print work has changed when clients need a product, or I may have had a personal wish to create something for the experience. Using Adobe’s Creative Suite, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are what I use to create.

PDX International Film Festival

This film festival poster was done for fun. It was not officially used for the film festival but designed as a print-ready product as an exercise.

Homestead Stove Flyer

This flyer was handed out at multiple Home and Garden shows for Homestead Stove Company. It required collecting many assets from manufacturer as well as coordination with the business owner to convey the message they desired.



Homestead Stove Sign 24″ x 36″

Also for Home shows, this sign for Homestead Stove was made to tie in the brand with products displayed in the booth.