My Video Production

I went to college with the aspiration to become a producer of films, then I moved to Portland and was seduced by independent Music @ CD Baby. I still love to produce, shoot, edit, and screen films. As a recovering filmmaker, enjoy some of the work I’ve done over the years.

What is Online Marketing?

This video is a customized version of an After Effects project I re-edited for my company VisionMule.

Assembled in 2015.

What is Become X?

I was hired in 2007 to create this promotional video for Become X, a non-profit organization encouraging young women to become leaders in the community. Over a three month period, I coordinated, interviewed, shot and recorded b-roll footage, and acquired music rights, and edited this entire piece.

This video was made to help Become X reach a bigger audience and to help raise awareness. Unfortunately, Become X has closed its doors. The website in the video is no longer available.

Made in 2007.

Who Controls the Media

This video was shot and edited by myself as a public informational service. I was assisted on a second camera by Jeff Benoit.

Honestly, the effects I decided to used are horrendous but the content is king.

Produced in 2005.

CD Baby: Independent Music Promo

A short promotional video made for CD Baby to inform and thank B2B client, Ryko Distribution. Consulting stake holders, videography, editing, production coordination and script writing were all part of this job that I carried out.

Circa 2008.

Nader On Open Debates

I covered Ralph Nader’s run for President in 2008 with the help of Craig Hennecke on camera two. Shot and edited by myself.

Produced in 2008.

The Advantage: Gradius 2 – Solar Jetman

This live performance music video was made with the help of my friend Jason Dinges. We were able to get an audio feed from the venue audio mixer. I filmed and edited this video as well.

Made in 2004.